Roundup of Media Reactions to Transparify’s 2016 Report

On June 29, we released our 2016 REPORT documenting significant progress towards greater think tank transparency worldwide. With the report covering 200 think tanks in 47 countries, a full 67 think tanks from our original cohort were rated transparent (four- or five-stars), compared with only 25 in 2013. In addition, several think tanks in the United Kingdom and in other countries have become fully transparent. The long list of highly transparent think tanks, including many prominent institutions, underlines the momentum towards transparency worldwide.

The report received coverage in a range of outlets including Ghana’s 3 News, the UK’s iNews, TV news in the Czech Republic and Georgia, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, as well as in Reuters (international), illustrating that think tank transparency is of interest around the world.

On the occasion of the launch of the 2016 report, On Think Tanks published a number of posts about think tanks and transparency, a number of which we have also posted here:

The broad engagement from think tanks around the world (for 2015 reactions see here) highlights that transparency helps think tanks, in that it underlines that they have confidence in the integrity of their work.

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