Think tank New America becomes 5-star transparent

New America, a high profile think tank located in Washington D.C., has received the Transparify Award for disclosing in detail who funds its work, with what amounts, and for what purposes. New America’s new disclosure format fully meets the 5-star gold standard for think tank transparency.

The think tank’s innovative “Active Funding Transparency Table” provides exceptionally detailed funding data, including the names of all donors who gave $1,000 or more, and the term of each funding tranche received.

New America was last assessed by Transparify in 2016, when it received a positive 4-star or ‘broadly transparent’ rating. The think tank contacted us earlier this month requesting a re-rating based on its new disclosure format, taking us up on our offer to formally re-rate think tanks that update their websites to achieve 5-star transparency. (Transparify does not charge think tanks for this service.)

“New America’s move illustrates the trend towards greater financial transparency in policy research and advocacy worldwide,” said Dr Hans Gutbrod, the Executive Director of Transparify. “By becoming highly transparent, and pioneering a novel, granular disclosure format, New America has made a significant contribution towards lifting the bar for the sector as a whole.”